Just Eat – “takes away” companies profit

The takeaway industry has soared in recent years, with the introduction of services and platforms like Just Eat and Hungry House. The services offer users a comprehensive portal with all of their favourite takeaways, giving them the opportunity to order quickly and easily before having the food delivered directly to their door.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side of services like Just Eat and Hungry House – and many takeaways are seriously losing out. Continue reading

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Marketing tips for nightclub owners

The nightclubbing scene has to stay at the cutting-edge of communications – that’s where their target audience are! Thanks to the development of smartphones and the creation of Textplode, nightclub and bar owners and managers can remain ahead of the curve when it comes to interacting with their customers and reinforcing their brand. Here’s how: Continue reading

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Retail shop

Simple, affordable marketing for the retail industry

Retail is one of the most competitive industries out there, and marketers at retail establishments are always looking for new ways to get customers through the door and turn them into loyal fans of the brand. Luckily for retail management teams, Textplode is here to make that process much easier, with a range of promotional SMS options which will help retailers beat their rivals. Here’s how: Continue reading

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Local Councils conference room

Local Councils – Send text message reminders

It used to be that any communication with local councils was done strictly in writing or by telephone, with many people finding it hard to contact their representatives if they needed to. Thanks to the rise of smartphones and the creation of services like Textplode, those days are no longer!

Local councils nowadays can contact their constituents in a number of ways, but one of the most effective ways to reach out to local residents is via SMS. Over 98% of phones now have text messaging enabled, and the vast majority of people are familiar with opening, reading and replying to text messages. Here’s how Textplode could help local councils capitalise on this. Continue reading

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Healthcare heart rope

Public and Private Healthcare SMS reminders

The healthcare industry has been greatly enhanced with the rapid development of certain technologies in recent years. The incredible breakthroughs made have not just led to more effective diagnosis and treatment of patients, it’s also made the administrative side of providing healthcare much easier for both public and private providers. Textplode can be a real asset for public and private providers of healthcare services – here’s how: Continue reading

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