Charities fun run

Charities send SMS updates of donations

Charities do wonderful work supporting some of the world’s most vulnerable people, furthering medical research, helping bolster animal conservation efforts and protecting the environment. But they wouldn’t be able to do the work that many of them do without a close relationship with donors and supporters. Here’s how Textplode can help charities make the most of SMS marketing. Continue reading

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Travel and Leisure trip

Text message marketing for Travel and Leisure

With the rise of the internet, the travel and leisure industry has become significantly more competitive. No longer do tourists and travellers have to rely on agents and booking operators to secure their holiday – they can find their dream getaway directly through an increasing number of new travel firms. Here’s how those companies can make an impact among their customer base with Textplode: Continue reading

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Sports club

Text message marketing tips for sports clubs

The number of sports clubs and gyms in the UK is growing fast, as more and more people strive to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. With so many potential customers and members looking for a training facility, how can sports clubs and gyms ensure that they stand out from the crowd? Take a look at how Textplode can help them reach out to new members and retain the loyalty of older clients. Continue reading

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Tradesmen – SMS tips for easy management

The rapid development of new technology has given tradesmen all over the country a fantastic way to communicate with their client base – as well as reinforcing their reputation as a quality contractor, rather than a ‘cowboy’. Here’s how Textplode can help tradesmen in all trades keep up with their clients and organise their business more efficiently. Continue reading

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Recruitment room

SMS management for Recruitment companies

The world of recruitment is moving fast, with new technology helping it to develop ever more sophisticated methods of attracting staff and matching them with appropriate roles. Recruitment is an industry that requires constant communication between clients, agencies and candidates – here’s how Textplode can help bridge the gap between all three: Continue reading

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