bars and restaurants

Easy marketing for bars and restaurants

Bars and restaurants can capitalize on many of the opportunities text messaging for business has to offer with the addition of a single, specialist tool. The nature of seasonal changes, fluctuating quiet times, the need to keep up local awareness and the convenience of providing automatic bookings reminders to clientele may all seem like a lot of balls to juggle and headaches to manage. The good news is that they can all be addressed in one slick, specialist solution with Textplode SMS services for bars, restaurants and cafes. Continue reading

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Veterinary pets

Uses of SMS for Veterinary Practises

More than 91% of us keep our smartphones within arm’s reach – from social media to shopping, surfing the internet to watching videos, they’re an integral part of daily life. Because they are so embedded within our daily habits and are constantly to hand, we often expect the businesses and services we deal with to communicate with us in the same way. Continue reading

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SMS Slang

A Light Hearted Look at SMS Slang

2017 will mark the 25th anniversary of the now global communication phenomenon – the text message. Whether you call it an SMS or a text, the likelihood is you’ll have sent or received at least one today. As a communication method, the humble text has been slated time and time again for killing traditional conversation. It’s also often held responsible for the birth of some of the English language’s most horrific abbreviations and slang.

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