Data King

“Data is King”

Customers love the idea that you really understand them. That personal level of service is vital to any business. But, with so many people choosing your service or product, it can be hard to build those valuable customer relationships. Data collection is the process of gathering information about your customers. It can vary in type, in format and the way that you gather it. However, one thing is for sure. Data collection is a key process for any business. Continue reading

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hotels and spas

Text message marketing for hotels and spas

It’s easier than ever to book a hotel or treat a friend or loved one to a pampering spa day thanks to booking sites like and the surge in mobile internet availability. With customers spoilt for choice, you’ll need to get creative to retain their loyalty to your hotel or spa and make sure you’re front of mind when the time to book a trip rolls round. Here’s how you can use Textplode to make a statement with some creative SMS messaging uses: Continue reading

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