Smartphones fingers with hearts

Why we love our smartphones

It comes as no surprise that here at Textplode, we really love smartphones. Whilst, we know that they are the perfect marketing and communication tool for our businesses. It is important to remember that these gadgets have also changed the world around us.

Don’t believe us? Let us take you through the reasons why we love our smartphones, and why we think you should too. Continue reading

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text marketing

Develop a successful text marketing campaign

Text marketing campaigns can be incredibly beneficial to your business. In fact, a study by Frost & Sullivan showed that 98% of marketing texts are opened by the recipient, this is compared to only 22% of emails.

Pretty impressive statistics!

That said, there are some hurdles that companies choosing to embark on a text marketing campaign can face. Continue reading

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Marketing Methods – Old Vs. New

When it comes to marketing your business there seems to be plenty of differing advice and opinions on what is best.

Some people believe that text messaging is now outdated, an old method of communication; however, we still think that it is perfect for communicating with your customers and ensuring that they know all about your product, service or promotions. Continue reading

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