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Bulk SMS for MOT & Servicing reminders

In the UK last year, 43% of MOT enquiries were for late retests! How can you help motorists keep on top of their vehicle MOT renewals? Simple! Use bulk SMS, to send scheduled notifications, you could stand out from your competitors and add value to your service by sending them a reminder when their renewal is due!

Car garages all over the country are increasing the rate in which customers re-book their MOT’s with them by reminding them before their vehicles MOT is due.

Hundreds of thousands of UK drivers risk a fine by missing their MOT renewal. Research has found that a staggering forty three per cent of MOT enquiries are about overdue tests. A study, carried out by independent car service provider MOT Angel, reveals up to 335,000 UK motorists are in danger of incurring a £1,000 fine and invalidating their insurance policies.

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Here’s a handy example;

A customer comes in for an MOT – on completion you ask for their mobile number and you schedule a message to be sent to them a few weeks prior to this same date next year, reminding them that their vehicle’s MOT is due for renewal.

Business SMS has many uses – it is often thought to be mainly used for sending offers & promotions but this isn’t the case. Using an easy-to-use platform like Textplode to schedule customer reminders allows you to be resourceful and creative.

Resources: Almost half of UK drivers miss annual MOT