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Call to Action for your SMS marketing

A good call to action is the main part of any good marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter if it is a text message marketing campaign or an email marketing campaign, it is only as good as it’s CTA.

So how do you create the best Call to Action for your SMS marketing? We have put together some of the ways that you can make a CTA that will really have the impact that you are looking for.

Take this text

Also known as “show this text”. Sending this out is a really useful CTA. Not only is it great for a number of exclusive deals and discounts, but it can also add a time limit into the redemption too. This makes the customer feel that it is urgent and will make them more likely to take action.

Best of all for them, all they need to do is simply produce their phone and show a member of staff the text and they have easy access to some money off!

Click a link

Now that mobiles are more, well mobile, it easier than ever to take advantage of a click here style CTA. Using this CTA means that you can create a short and concise message, encouraging the people who have read it to click an included link and find out more. This type of Call to Action works brilliantly for pre-sale of tickets or perhaps to advertise an event that your business is holding.

Text to win

Everyone loves a contest, or should that be everyone loves the idea of winning a contest? Text to win is a useful CTA as you can use it in multiple places. Not only is it incredibly tempting for existing subscribers, but you can advertise it to those who haven’t already signed up and encourage them to join your database.

Buy it now

A big number of us now use our mobile phone for more than just making a call. In fact, for many of us, it is a chance to shop on the go. So, why not include a “buy it now” link in your text marketing to see if this encourages some sales on your website?

Making sure that you have a Call to Action in your text marketing campaign is vital for success. Which one you choose is entirely down to you, just make sure that it works for you as well as working for your business.