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Call to Action for your SMS marketing

A good call to action is the main part of any good marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter if it is a text message marketing campaign or an email marketing campaign, it is only as good as it’s CTA.

So how do you create the best Call to Action for your SMS marketing? We have put together some of the ways that you can make a CTA that will really have the impact that you are looking for. Continue reading

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Data King

“Data is King”

Customers love the idea that you really understand them. That personal level of service is vital to any business. But, with so many people choosing your service or product, it can be hard to build those valuable customer relationships. Data collection is the process of gathering information about your customers. It can vary in type, in format and the way that you gather it. However, one thing is for sure. Data collection is a key process for any business. Continue reading

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Just Eat – “takes away” companies profit

The takeaway industry has soared in recent years, with the introduction of services and platforms like Just Eat and Hungry House. The services offer users a comprehensive portal with all of their favourite takeaways, giving them the opportunity to order quickly and easily before having the food delivered directly to their door.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side of services like Just Eat and Hungry House – and many takeaways are seriously losing out. Continue reading

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