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mobile slang

Mobile marketing … what’s it all about?

Whilst we are dedicated to providing the very best in mobile marketing for your business, we are not all serious business here at Textplode. In fact, we know that the world of SMS is quite an interesting one.

So, with this in mind, and to take us away from marketing talk, we have put together some interesting facts that you may not have known about those good old text messages. Continue reading

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Smartphones fingers with hearts

Why we love our smartphones

It comes as no surprise that here at Textplode, we really love smartphones. Whilst, we know that they are the perfect marketing and communication tool for our businesses. It is important to remember that these gadgets have also changed the world around us.

Don’t believe us? Let us take you through the reasons why we love our smartphones, and why we think you should too. Continue reading

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SMS Slang

A Light Hearted Look at SMS Slang

2017 will mark the 25th anniversary of the now global communication phenomenon – the text message. Whether you call it an SMS or a text, the likelihood is you’ll have sent or received at least one today. As a communication method, the humble text has been slated time and time again for killing traditional conversation. It’s also often held responsible for the birth of some of the English language’s most horrific abbreviations and slang.

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