Hints and tips to make SMS marketing work for your business.

Scheduling sms campaign

Scheduling Your SMS Campaigns

If your business is a success then chances are that you will find yourself busy, and when you are busy, you are much more likely to miss things or not do tasks that you see as less important. Unfortunately, for some businesses the task that gets pushed to the side is SMS marketing, and this could be a huge mistake. One way that you can make sure that you take advantage of your SMS marketing is by scheduling a number of different marketing texts to be sent, as well as times that they can go.

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marketing rules

Marketing Rules That You Need To Know!

When you are running a business, it can sometimes seem as if there is a whole host of rules and regulations for you to think about. These even apply to something as simple as SMS marketing. However, as irritating as these rules may be, it is vital that you abide by them all. Otherwise you could see your business really falling into hot water. So, what are the SMS marketing rules that every business should be aware of? Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing - girl on game

2017 Your Mobile Marketing Year!

The dawn of a new year means that many of us will look at ways to improve our lives. We will make New Years resolutions to focus on health, fitness or our wellbeing. But what about businesses? Should they ignore New Year, or use it as a way to make some changes too? If you haven’t already taken advantage of the power of mobile marketing, then perhaps 2017 should be your chance to see if it can help you to boost your business. Continue reading

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