text marketing

Develop a successful text marketing campaign

Text marketing campaigns can be incredibly beneficial to your business. In fact, a study by Frost & Sullivan showed that 98% of marketing texts are opened by the recipient, this is compared to only 22% of emails.

Pretty impressive statistics!

That said, there are some hurdles that companies choosing to embark on a text marketing campaign can face.

The hurdles of text marketing

One of the biggest issues with text marketing is that many people simply do not like sharing their mobile number with companies; after all, there are so many stories out there of people’s data being misused. This has led to around 91% of UK consumers now being concerned about exactly how their data is being used. (Sourced from Gigya)

And is it any surprise when you see just how regularly spam emails are delivered? It is thought that 20% of people have reported that they receive up to 5 irrelevant marketing messages each and every day.

So, is there anything that you can do? The answer is yes, one of the simplest ways to ensure that your marketing campaign works for you is to build a feeling of trust in your customers. But how do you do that?

Building trust in your customers

One of the key aspects when it comes to building trust in your customer is to provide them with a visible value.

You should try to create marketing messages that are not only relevant to your target market but that will be likely to provide them with a benefit.

This could be a promotion, a sale that is going to happen or simply to let them know that you have a new product or service being released.

Ultimately, a simple trick to marketing is to ensure that you are solving a problem that your customers are facing. Everyone loves a solution, especially one that they don’t have to come up with themselves, if you can be the one to solve their problem then you are going to look good in their eyes.

It may also be a good idea to try and be completely visible with your intentions with their data. If you have a security policy in place, then share this with them.

If they feel that you are looking after their personal information then they are more likely to hand over their mobile number to you, enabling you to include them on your marketing strategy.

Text marketing is a personal, simple and cost effective method to advertise, promote and increase visibility of your brand.

Make sure that you take advantage of this amazing tool, without taking advantage of your customers; and you will soon feel the benefit.