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Schools – Using SMS to keep parents updated

Absences within schools have been on a continual decline since 2006, and in 2013 certain laws were put in place to help further reduce absences. Although this has decreased absence rates it can leave parents feeling alienated, if not scared they could face fines or prosecution in extreme cases.

It is crucial that the school and parents work in unison for their children. Parents and pupils should both be made aware of the importance of attending school and maintain good punctuality as it can help shape their future. It is predicted that “Children with over 90% attendance at school are more likely to gain five or more A to C GSCEs or equivalent qualifications.”

It is a legal requirement for schools to take a registration twice a day, preferably in the morning and after lunch. If a child arrives 15 minutes late every day (unlikely I know) this equals a two-week loss over a school year. SMS services have become widely used within schools to effectively communicate with parents, students and carers. However, the majority of schools we’ve recently contacted aren’t using SMS to its full extent due to the lack of knowledge/guidance or hard-to-use online platforms and are getting charged an unaffordable cost per message.

We want to encourage and guide business’s to think outside the box when it comes to SMS, and effectively save money and precious time. There are many ways schools can utilise business SMS to keep parents in the know, examples being; school holidays, trips, teacher training days, parent meetings and mufti days (just to name a few). Schools can also use business SMS to contact staff members directly and professionally.

Textplode allows schools to create and maintain a secure online list of parents, students and carers mobile numbers, which we are even able to integrate into schools register systems so that SMS messages are sent automatically to a parent if a child isn’t present during the register. There are no set up fees, contracts or on-going costs – you simply pay-as-you-go!

Registering an account on Textplode takes seconds, and if you register an account today you’ll receive 10 Free Credits!

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