Mothering Sunday mother hugging daughter

Mothering Sunday – use SMS to increase sales

A day presented to us, to be thankful to our mothers and everything they do. A day to celebrate our special memories, be it joyful, emotional or even slightly embarrassing. But most importantly, a chance to show our appreciation to them. For business owners, Mothering Sunday can be a profitable day, new customers sales can sore and it can create a real chance to spread brand awareness.

We’re all aware, that Mothering Sunday can be a hectic time for a lot of industries, Florists will be extremely busy stocking and arranging beautiful flowers. Hotels and Restaurants will carefully make use of their finest table wear, bed linen and carefully design a suitable menu, all to create the perfect scene for their customers.

There are so many businesses that will be feeling the heat during this time, so whatever industry you are in, whether it be retail, salons, bar’s & restaurants and most certainly florists, this is a chance for you to start nurturing your customers with your marketing.

SMS marketing is a great way to present your customers with fresh and unique ideas for presents, meals out, or trips away for a Mothering Sunday treat. All it takes, is a simple personalised text message to send to your customers, offering useful vouchers and promotional offers or useful reminders, so no one is left in the ‘dog house’ with their Mums.

Many SMS platforms are extremely difficult to use and are time-consuming. So we’ve built Textplode to be as simple as possible, so companies like yourself, can focus attention on the more important things.

With a combination of our engaging user face, useful features and a pay-as-you go service, all we ask of you is to be creative and experiment with your marketing campaigns to discover what suits your ethos and clientele. If you need any tips or advice on how business SMS could benefit you and your business, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Have a wonderful Mothering Sunday!