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When it comes to a sustaining a regular fitness regime, I am slightly slacking. My New Years resolution was obliterated a few weeks – well, days after I started. My friend however, signed up to a gym that happens to use business SMS effectively to increase memberships.

She went through a stage like the most of us do, of not going to the gym. Not because she didn’t want to, but as her day-to-day life became more hectic she simply fell out of routine and let her gym membership expire. The gym sent her a personalised message to encourage her to come back and informed her of new equipment purchases and classes, and she rejoined.


Screenshot of Gym to increase memberships

I’m not naïve enough, to think it’s all down to the gym having sent her a message, but it played a big part.

Within the fitness industry, how can you help motivate people like me? Simple! Like the majority of us nowadays, we all live busy lifestyles, so all it would take is a little nudge, a simple reminder.

Some of us may be in denial with this statistic, but the ‘average person looks at their phone 150 times per day’. Madness ey! This number is likely to keep increasing too.

Business SMS, is a great way to keep in touch with customers and it offers a more personal approach, by providing a direct route of communication for business owners.


Keep your customers engaged by sending text message reminders, to try and bring back expired members, or prompt existing members. Promote any new Gym equipment or classes and in turn reduce admin time.

We have hundreds of Gyms & Health Clubs currently using Textplode to reach out to old and existing members.

The beauty of SMS, is that it’s instant. Who doesn’t read a text message they receive these days?

Try Textplode for free today.

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