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Making business SMS work for you

We are becoming more dependent on our mobile phones, we use them for far more than just phone calls or texting, we use them for everyday tasks such as emailing, browsing, capturing memories and even shopping; it is like have a mini PC in our pockets. The increase in mobile technology has the potential to replace the need for a PC or laptop and mobile internet usage has already overtaken desktop usage.

While email marketing still has an important role in your digital marketing strategy, it’s not the only option for communicating with your customers and business SMS can be far more effective and personal. Like junk mail that comes through the door, we have become used to receiving marketing emails, which many of us ignore – that’s if they don’t end up in our spam. But with SMS 98% of messages are received and read in just 5 seconds.

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As with email marketing, before you send your campaigns through Textplode you need to ensure that your customers have opted in to receive the texts. If not, this could damage the reputation of your business. It is also worth mentioning that you should include an opt out option. Using SMS to communicate with your customers can help to grow the relationship you have already built with your customers and could increase customer loyalty.

When devising your SMS campaigns, create compelling content that is relevant and of interest to your customers, use SMS to raise awareness of your latest special offers, upcoming events, opening hours and seasonal promotions. The Textplode platform offers you simple to use, affordable and reliable business SMS, no matter where you are in the world we will only ever charge a flat-fee cost per message.

Aside from being easy to use and implement and affordable, one of the other main benefits of SMS is that it is a fresh way to connect with your customers and one that will excite and engage them.