marketing rules

Marketing Rules That You Need To Know!

When you are running a business, it can sometimes seem as if there is a whole host of rules and regulations for you to think about. These even apply to something as simple as SMS marketing. However, as irritating as these rules may be, it is vital that you abide by them all. Otherwise you could see your business really falling into hot water. So, what are the SMS marketing rules that every business should be aware of?

Marketing Rules 01.

Only ever send to those that have opted in

One of the simplest mobile marketing rules are that you can only send messages to those customers that have opted into the service. Not only this, but you cannot use their numbers to send information or promote a different business. Even if the business is linked to yours.

Marketing Rules 02.

Let them opt out if they like

The last thing you will want to see is customers opting out of your marketing efforts, but you should always make sure that you give them the option to do this. Not only should you make it clear that they can opt out whenever they can, but you should make it easy for them to do too. Just make sure that the info and offers that you send out keep them from hitting the stop button!

Marketing Rules 03.

Never get back in touch with someone who has opted out

It doesn’t matter if you have invented a product that is set to rival sliced bread, you are still not allowed to send any marketing efforts to an unsubscribed member. Even if the discount, service or promotion is going to be right for them!

Marketing Rules 04.

Always make sure they know who you are

It is vital that any messages you send out must clearly contain who you are. You are never allowed to be misleading in who you are, or falsify any of your company’s information. That also goes for what it is that you are selling or promoting. The link that they click on within the message should transport them to the exact product or service that you have mentioned, and not something completely different.

No matter what type of business that you run, or the varieties of mobile marketing messages that you send out, you should always be aware of the regulations and the effect that they could have on you.

Failure to comply with them could mean that your customers complain, and this in turn could result in a fine for your business, not to mention a dent in the reputation that you have worked so hard to develop over time.

So, always be aware of whether or not you are keeping in with the regulations, and if you are ever in doubt, give us a call here at Textplode. We are always happy to help keep you on the straight and narrow!