mobile slang

Mobile marketing … what’s it all about?

Whilst we are dedicated to providing the very best in mobile marketing for your business, we are not all serious business here at Textplode. In fact, we know that the world of SMS is quite an interesting one.

So, with this in mind, and to take us away from marketing talk, we have put together some interesting facts that you may not have known about those good old text messages.

A meaning behind the mobile beep

Remember back in the 90s when Nokia owned the world of mobile phones? Well, chances are that you will be able to picture the “special” message alert that those phones rang out. Did you think that these beeps were simply a random collection of noises? Well you are mistaken! This message tone was in fact the morse code for SMS! Yep, we didn’t know that either!

Simple and short

The first text message ever sent wasn’t exactly a well thought out essay. In fact the 1992 message simply said “Merry Christmas” without even an emoji in sight. It was sent from a computer to a mobile phone by a British Engineer called Neil Papworth and was a simple test for the world of SMS that was to come.

A text message how to save a life guide

We all know that text messages are great when you want to chat to your friends, but a British surgeon David Nott showed that it could be much more powerful than that. He was able to carry out a life saving operation in the Congo during 2008 all thanks to the instructions sent to him by text messages from a colleague.

Inspiring the future

Think that the idea behind Twitter is familiar? Well, Twitter was in fact inspired by SMS, it was though that the character limits on texts (and on Twitter) were a great way to keep the social media platform simple and easy to use.

Texting all over the world

During 2016 it is thought that there were around 8.3 trillion texts sent across the world. This translates into somewhere in the region of 23 billion a day. That is a lot of texting!

Texts have become more and more popular over the years and the ways that they work has evolved too. We are excited to see how texts are going to change and grow over the years.