Fireworks celebrating Happy New Year

New Year – time to celebrate!

Drawn in by the prospects of the New Year. The majority of us have painfully summarised previous years, and are excited by the unspoiled and potential of the new year. So lets collectively make 2016 more simple, straightforward and with more direction. Does this sound like a good idea?

Every morning we all have our own routines. You may wake up dazed, put the kettle on, and that brief moment whilst waiting for the kettle to boil that’s the time where your brain awakens. We all have rituals but before we leave the house to go to work or cater to other responsibilities what do you take with you? I feel confident in saying your mobile? Within the UK alone, 93% of us own a mobile phone. So with this in mind mobile phones are now an essential tool within our daily lives.

New year mobile phone sunset

On December 3rd 1992 the first text message was sent. The UK holds the honour of this and incredibly text messages are read on average within 5 seconds and 98% of texts are read compared to emails at only 22%.

Most of us may have even entered an unhealthy relationship with our phone, feeling lost without it. 91% of smartphone users always keep their phone within arm’s reach. This can only highlight the power and importance mobiles have over us.

Nowadays, the potential mobiles have to reach a mass audience is outstanding; we need to utilise this and use it to our advantage! Here at Textplode we have designed an easy to use, simple platform to enable companies to mass text in an engaging manor. This can save a company time, stress and improved management and organisation of contacts. Interestingly, a study shows that sending text messages to remind patients about doctor/dentists appointment could save the NHS up to £150 million a year. We have made it possible to integrate company’s customer management system with our platform seamlessly, creating an automatic text message response- concluding that this platform could benefit us all.