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Taxi SMS booking confirmations

Across the UK there have been many cases, reports and conflicts concerning unmarked taxi ‘s and unfortunately this will continue – the aim is to obviously reduce this. Laws have been put in place, (especially within cities) to help the public understand what minicab is classified as unsafe. The general overview being if you haven’t booked either via an app, phone call or through SMS it’s not deemed safe.

For both the public and taxi firms, it is important that there’s a clear line for communication and business SMS is a great way to certify this. There are three simple steps to follow, for each booking placed.

Send a confirmation message

For a customer it’s reassuring to receive a receipt that the order has been received. Especially with Taxis and private Hire, your customer won’t feel the need to book with a competitor of yours and will be ready – reducing waiting time for your driver and maintaining a smooth process. You could also inform the customer of when the driver’s journey has started, keeping the individual updated and greatly improving the customer’s experience.

Let them know you’ve arrived

A simple message informing the customer the taxi has arrived is not only safe but also extremely convenient. It stops the customer constantly checking if the taxi is outside, allowing more time to get prepared for their journey. It’s a two-way thing; a simple message stops the driver having to leave the taxi to knock doors. Then you have the most important aspect- safety; most taxi firms will include a description of the car, colour, type and the registration plate. So if the customer is getting picked up in a busy area, this makes it’s extremely easier to identify which taxi is theirs.

Offers and opting-out

It’s always advisable to provide your customers with a choice; giving them an opt-out option doesn’t always mean a loss in customers. It will heighten the customer’s service, making your business one of trust and respect. You will then start if not already, to have a build up of loyal customers.

We can easily integrate into popular Taxi booking systems too – for more information, feel free to contact us.

Reference: Cab Enforcement