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Text Marketing & It’s Uses For Your Business

We see it so often here at Textplode, companies think that the only use for text marketing is just to let their customers know about an upcoming deal or offer. Whilst this is a great way to use text marketing, and has worked for businesses up and down the UK, there are so many other strings to the text marketing bow.

They can be used to strengthen your business, grow and develop, all things that can help you towards the success you crave. All with minimal effort from you. So, what are these ways that SMS can be extremely useful to your business and does it go deeper than just simple marketing?

01. Text updates on orders

One of the best parts of ordering something online is the fact that the majority of these orders are now fully trackable. Throughout the process. Why not offer your customers one step further in ease, and pop them a message whenever there is a change in the status to their order?

Not only do they know exactly when to expect delivery, but they have easy access to the information that they need on their phone, just in case they do need to call you to check out what is going on.

02. Text surveys

We all love a good survey, after all who doesn’t love the opportunity to let a business know exactly how you think they are doing. The feedback taken from these surveys are vital for business too, allowing us to develop and grow as our customers need us too. One of the simplest and fastest ways to send out and receive back surveys is via text messages. It is important however to ensure that you keep SMS surveys short as they can become irritating or tiresome to the customer if there are 20 different texts pinging their way over to them.

03. Not just for customers

Whilst text messages can be incredibly value for communicating with customers, it can also have huge benefits for your staff too. Need to let them know that a shift has changed, or that they are expected at a meeting? You can send out a text to let them know all of these things, and more.

04. Don’t ever forget marketing!

Okay, so we know this list was dedicated to the other ways that SMS can give a boost to your business, but truth be told, we think it is pretty awesome for making sure that it gives your marketing efforts a boost.

If you haven’t tried SMS marketing for yourself, why not get in touch with us here at Textplode and see if we can help you to make the most of your marketing efforts? We are experts in helping companies embrace marketing, communication and customer relationships, all thanks to the simple technology that is SMS.