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Tier 1 vs. Grey Routes – Grey is NOT the way

It’s within our human nature to search far and wide for a bargain. However, when looking for an SMS marketing supplier, educate yourself on Tier 1 and Grey Routes, as hunting for the lowest price can often have a negative effect on your marketing campaign.

To get the best possible return on investment you need to use the best possible services. A starting point would be to understand the differences between providers, starting with an understanding of what “grey routes” are. A typical grey route SMS supplier will send your messages through multiple countries without paying an interconnect fee. This is to confuse the networks to where the message originates. Sending mass messages through a grey route creates substantial stress to the network users, resulting in delayed and lost messages. This unreliable route is long-winded, potentially costing you time, money and damage of your reputation.

For example, if you wanted to send a message to your customers at 6pm on a weeknight with a relevant offer or promotion – and your message wasn’t delivered until 11pm that night, this would likely annoy your customer or even wake them up!

The only way to guarantee instant delivery is to use a reliable, legitimate route. We work in partnership with direct Tier 1 aggregators to ensure messages are delivered, and on time. To help you visualise the success of your campaign, we provide an extensive reporting system that shows status of every number sent to.

Textplode is packed full of features completely free of charge, which most other providers charge extra for. We like to keep things simple, which is why we’ve been dubbed “the easiest SMS platform to use” in comparison to our competitors. Click here to see a full list of available features.

By gaining a better understanding of the differences between grey routes and direct routes, you are able to understand why some companies charge so little. If the supplier has no mention of using a Tier 1 aggregator on their website, chances are – they’re using grey routes.