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Uses of business SMS outside of marketing

Business SMS is a great marketing tool for your business to drive sales and improve customer experience and offer your business the chance to be creative with your communication without costing the earth!

1. Generate Leads

Set up a ‘keyword’ and advertise it anywhere and everywhere to ensure your customers see it – menus, posters, shop windows, print adverts, social media channels and on your website. This will raise awareness and allow customers to sign up to your mailing list; providing you with a great database of new contacts. Each new contact you collect will be a quality lead that is already interested in finding out more about your business. To help grow your database, consider running an incentive based campaign by offering perks such as loyalty cards or discounts when they sign up.

2. Event Planning

Send tickets, directions or confirm details to all guests at the click of a button. If the schedule changes at the last minute, not a problem as with SMS you can be confident that the message will be delivered directly to the recipient, wherever they are.

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3. Customer Service

While new customers are always good for business, it is important to not forget your existing customers. SMS provides you with a platform to stay in touch with your customers, provide great customer service, reward customer loyalty and help with customer retention. Use SMS to send a welcome message ahead of a hotel stay or a quick follow on message after a visit to enhance the customer’s overall experience.

4. Engage with Customers

SMS allows you to open up lines of communication with your customers, asking your customers for feedback demonstrates that their opinion matters and that you want to hear what they have to say. Not only will this enhance their experience, but it may also provide a valuable insight on how to develop and improve your services.

sms confimation screenshot 5. Booking & Delivery Confirmation

Confirm a parcel delivery, spa appointment or ticket purchase with a text, with SMS all of the important information is available instantly and effortlessly in the pockets of your customers.