Why pay for your undelivered messages?

There’s a great deal of competition between business SMS platforms, all appearing to offer similar features and high levels of support – making it difficult to make a decision on who you should use for your SMS marketing activities.

You may not be aware that Tier 1 suppliers of bulk SMS don’t actually get charged by the network suppliers for undelivered messages. Most suppliers pass this saving onto companies like ourselves for resale, but this saving is often not passed on to the end-user (you) so companies then profit from the messages that you send to incorrect mobile numbers, or phones that aren’t reachable.

We tend to see an average delivery rate of around 80-90% on campaigns sent by our customers, and this is usually down to a percentage of collected numbers being incorrectly saved. This is common, especially when relying on your customers to write down or type in their numbers. Whilst it’s always a good idea to vet your list of numbers to remove any undeliverable numbers from previous campaigns, this sill requires time and some technical knowledge so is often overlooked.

Because we don’t get charged for undelivered messages, we don’t believe our clients should either. We believe we’re the only business SMS platform in the UK that refunds all undelivered messages sent to UK mobile numbers.

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