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A checklist for your text campaign

When you have planned to send out a text marketing campaign to a list of people, you may feel slightly daunted by the idea of pressing send. After all, you are likely to be sending to a large number of people, and a little mistake can quickly grow.

Well, as experts in text, we are here to tell you that whilst the occasional mistake can happen, and there is nothing wrong with that, with a little careful checking, you can make sure that those chances of a mistake are lessened.

Here are our top tips on the things to check when you have a text campaign to send.

Before your Campaign.

The idea behind texts is that they are quick to put together and easy to send. However, you do still need to put some thought and planning into them. You need to consider when you will be sending out the texts, as with many industries, timing is key. Especially if you offering lunchtime deals on food or perhaps a drinks offer in a bar.

Another thing to consider is who you are trying to target. You will need to segment your data to match your key demographic and that way you can tailor your texts to match what appeals to them.

During it.

The content that you create for your text is vital, especially with a 160 character limit. You will need to make sure that your message makes sense, as well at that it has a clear call to action.

You will also need to think about spell checking and proof reading the text, it might be a good idea to ask someone else to check over too.

Any reply type campaigns will ned a senderID, so much sure that you set this up.

You should always send a text to yourself before you embark on a send all, as this will let you check how it looks to your customers and allow you to easily look over any mistakes too.

After you’ve pressed send.

So, you felt that all was good and you pressed the send button. Now what? Rather than sitting back and doing nothing, now is the time to make sure that you texts are having the impact you want. Reporting is important to make sure that you have effectively used those tools open to you and that you have a great text marketing campaign.

If it hasn’t worked the way you hoped, then don’t get down. Just try again. Even the best fail sometimes.

Want to know more about how to create the best text marketing campaign? Why not get in touch with us? We have the right expertise to allow you to make the most of your text marketing efforts.