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If there is one industry where customer satisfaction and quality of service are No1 priority, it is hospitality! Customers want and deserve to feel special whilst in your company and desire to have a unique experience. Customers are always happy to get a good deal, but text message marketing can be used for more than sending promotions/ offers.

Using Text Message Marketing

  • Send a welcome messages to your guests who are due to check in
  • Directly remind guests of their scheduled activities with a simple text message
  • Ask and offer rewards for customers to leave feedback
  • Let previous customers know of any changes with new spa treatments or new touches to the rooms
  • Encourage existing customers to return by reminding them of anniversary's or loved ones birthdays
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Mon 22 July 15:07
Hello there. Indulge on a discounted upgrade for your pre booked room with this message. Please show this to a member of staff at reception.

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