Last updated: 25th May 2018

Anti-Spam Policy

We have a zero tolerance for Spam messages. SMS messages sent through Textplode should only ever be sent to subscribers that have given you consent to contact and/or market to them. We consider spam to be any unwanted and unexpected SMS text messages that are sent in order to mislead a recipient or extort their valuables, or any SMS text message, which are sent from a person who is not authorized to use their mobile numbers.

Each user of Textplode agrees to not use the platform to send Spam. They knowingly agree that each message sent must comply with our following principles:

We systematically monitor all communications for spam. If we suspect that a campaign is in violation of our Anti-Spam Policy, we will terminate the campaign immediately.

If there is a report of spam/abuse we will investigate the campaign and determine if the campaign is in violation of our Anti-Spam policy. If it is the campaign will be shutdown immediately.

Report spam to - information you should include: