Contacts & Groups

Collecting mobile phone numbers for your campaigns is easy; simply ask your customers to complete a form at the point of purchase, or when making a booking, and let them know that you will be contacting them with your latest offers and updates.

Create an auto-reply

Ensure a quick response to customers that text in, with our auto reply feature which will immediately respond to customers when they text your keyword.

Thanks for subscribing to our list. We'll send you our latest offers soon, but in the meantime enter FREEMEAL7 at checkout when you place your next order!

To join our list and receive special offers and promotions, text OFFERS to 85566

Using a Keyword

A great way to build a list of contacts is to use an SMS keyword. Keywords are the perfect tool to grow your SMS marketing contact list that you can advertise on posters, direct mailers, emails, adverts, your website and on social media.

With Textplode, you can create a keyword on our short number so that when a customer texts in, you can automatically add their details to a list or forward the data on to your email address or phone.

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