Opt Out by Mobile Phone

Allow recipients to choose to opt out

We’re excited to announce a new feature on Textplode; you can now allow your recipients to opt out of your future campaigns!

Providing customers with the ability to Opt Out may be daunting at first, but we want to reassure you that it’s actually beneficial for your company and its reputation. People perceive SMS marketing purely for sending customers promotional messages, and we all have received a message that we didn’t necessarily want or need (spam) and this can cause irritation.

There are so many different uses for SMS marketing, and it’s about finding the right technique to suit your audience and the odd promotional message wont cause any harm. Especially if you give your customers the choice to Opt Out, you are showing appreciation and empowering their choice, so any future SMS campaigns you send will have more importance and solidarity. With Textplode, it takes two easy steps for businesses to add this option into any of their campaigns;

When composing a new message from within your account, simply tick the Add ‘STOP to 85566’ box to give your recipient an option to be able to opt out of future messages from yourself.

Textplode Dashboard and opt out


When an opt out request is received, the number it’s received from will be added to your blacklist and if included in further campaigns won’t be delivered.

Opt Out
It’s inevitable that some recipients will opt out. Nevertheless, this allows you to target only the people that appreciate what you have to offer.

Present them with useful yet appealing offers and updates!