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Personal Trainers – manage your clients easier

As the fitness industry is fast growing, personal training is becoming an extremely competitive market. Most Personal Trainers offer one-to-one and group training in their resident gym/health club. They rely mainly on word of mouth to grow their client-base.

Whilst the Internet offers many ways to self-promote, such as social media and email marketing – SMS is often overlooked.

SMS is a great way to communicate with new, past or existing clients. Whether it is to remind clients about upcoming training sessions or to promote offers & class timetables.

Here are some examples of how Personal Trainers can effectively use SMS for their business:


Why not reward your existing clients by asking them to refer a friend to you.


You could promote the group sessions you provide, to potential clients to help entice them to take part in a session.


Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. By sending, motivational messages to your clients between training sessions, this could keep them on track.

Offers & Promotions

Do you have an offer or a seasonal discounts to share? This could be for bulk training sessions, or generalised promotions of your additional services, (such as bespoke nutrition plans), send a quick text message to keep your clientele updated.


Send your customers who have expressed interest into the classes, the details of upcoming fitness classes, or even send text message reminders the day before.

Screenshot for Personal Trainers

Our built-in calendar system, is designed for clients to be able to easily schedule their messages. It allows you to select your SMS campaigns to be sent at a specific time or date and to the different groups of contacts you may have.

So if you’re a Personal Trainer – looking to increase your client-base or reduce missed or cancelled appointments why not give Textplode a try?