Valentines Day red post box

Valentines Day – From your Valentine

Valentines Day is soon approaching, presenting a chance for your company to utilise this romantic day. With the use of Textplode you have the potential to increase your companies profit, cliental and get your name noticed. Around this time people are in need of inspiration, offers and even reminders. Textplode can be used to send updates of any promotional offers you may have, updates with deliveries and even remind a customer of that table reservation they have booked. After all, Love has the power to consume you; your cliental may need that helping hand.


We all appreciate the importance flowers could have to a person. 31% of people, if not more this year, will be purchasing flowers this Valentines day. Examples of the bulk message you could send to your customers:

“Hi (name) just a quick reminder for the 14th February as it’s Valentines day, if we can help you with a gift, please call (number)”


Create an organised way to reach potential customers, book in messages to be sent a certain time or day. Example you could use:

“Want to treat yourself or a partner this Valentines? Book a meal with us today”

Valentines day red rose
Valentines day red rose

Hair and Beauty

Have a more personalised approach, quick & easy messages to regular clients and encourage older customers to return and treat themselves. Examples you could send:

“Hello (name) we miss you and feel its time you thought about treating yourself this Valentines Day, use this (code) for (deal) see you soon!”


Offers to help people to relax and to pamper themselves, examples you could text;

“Hello (name) we have a (deal) on helping you or a partner prepare for Valentines Day, use this voucher code and treat yourself today.”

Valentines day women lying down holding a red rose
Valentines day women lying down holding a red rose

 Gyms & Health Clubs

We’re still in the early stages of the New Year and about to enter the romantic month of February. A chance for you to encourage your customers, ideas could be;

“Hello (name) we’re on countdown for Valentines day, increase those energy levels with us and get bedroom ready”


In previous years 24% of people have spent this romantic day having a cosy night in and 39% of people may not celebrate it at all. This could be your chance to present offers to give people the option of not having to cook.

“In need of a cosy night in this Valentines Day, for a limited time only there’s 20% of (item) ENJOY)”

We wish you all a lovely Valentines Day ♥