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So you’re planning a new product launch or have some important information you need to distribute to clients. What’s the most effective way to attract the customers you’re looking for or reach your clients?

Try sending SMS messaging through our Textplode online platform. It’s easy to use, cost-effective, and an effective marketing approach for boosting your sales figures or improving your customer service.

You can use the online interface on a desktop, laptop or tablet. Type in the content of your message and the numbers of the recipients you’re targeting. And if need be you can schedule the time of day the messages are sent out. Messages are no problem – give us a call and we’ll work out a discounted rate even if you’re looking to send thousands of SMS messages per second.

SMS messaging is ideal for many marketing purposes whether you’re talking to other businesses or to potential customers. Here are a few examples of how messaging comes in handy:

SMS marketing is hugely versatile – you can use it for any type of messaging you want. What’s key is that you make sure the message content is short, engaging and gets the recipient to click your link or use the promotional coupon. So focus on the benefits your product offers and include a call to action.

And you’ll be able to track your hits and misses with Textplode. We’ve got real time feedback and statistics built into the online platform. So once you’ve sent the SMS messages out you can monitor click rates and conversion percentages – and if need be tweak your approach.

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